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Who is The Farrell Firm?

Since 1991, Edward J. Farrell has been fighting for the rights of individuals throughout the State of Michigan. Ed is a compassionate and service-based attorney. He really listens to YOUR side of the story. Ed gives a clear picture of what you can expect with your case, in straightforward terms. He works hard to serve the best interests of the individual. His warm, engaging personality wins friends and influences people wherever he goes. Whether in or out of the courtroom there is no one else like Ed Farrell!

In 2012, Steven M. Newlin joined Ed to establish The Farrell Firm. Steve is a no-nonsense wealth of legal information and has extensive knowledge of case law and research. His methodology and manner of case formulation is fine-tuned, and his experience in many aspects of the legal system equips him to understand the law from all viewpoints. If there is a way to make something happen, Steve will find it!

Together, Ed and Steve bring a total of 30 years legal experience to work for you. Using their combined talents in research, case development and delivery, The Farrell Firm has the talent, know-how and experience YOU need to have on your side in a court of law.

What Can We Do For You?

The Farrell Firm goes the extra mile for its clients. Success in court isn't just winning a case...success means you get the right results given the facts of your circumstances. The Farrell Firm works hard to not only win, but to give you the best possible outcome - in court and for your future needs. The Farrell Firm doesnot just handle your case - we care about you.

Is The Farrell Firm Expensive?

The Farrell Firm is unlike other law firms. Most attorneys bill per hour. We are committed to flat rate billing. Before you hire us, you know exactly what your total fee will be, and there is never a charge for phone calls or office visits. From your first meeting to your last court date, there are no hidden fees, no surprise billing statements, and no hourly rates.

Not From The Area? No Problem!

Conveniently located in Lapeer, Michigan, The Farrell Firm has easy access to courts in the immediate area, and we travel almost anywhere throughout the State of Michigan.

We also have many clients from Canada, including commercial drivers and transport professionals who need quality representation and good driving records to protect their jobs. Arrangements can often be made so there is no need to travel back for your court appearance.


  • Traffic & Criminal Defense
  • License Restoration
  • Free Consultations and Flat Fee Billing
  • Spanish translators available for appointments at no cost. Call 810-424-3760 to set appointment.


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